Featured Business: Moose & Stella’s & Trout Town Tavern & Eatery

April 2021

Moose and Stella’s parents, Dan Bloomquist and Eva Marie are the owners and operators of five restaurants in the Northern Michigan Area.  Their love of animals led them to create Kalkaska’s newest restaurant Moose & Stella’s– a dog themed cafe.  While it is debatable who is the top dog in the home, the quality of food, dedication to their community and the inviting atmosphere of their restaurants has never been in question.

They also own another Kalkaska favorite, Trout Town Tavern. At Trout Town you can pick up some of the finest briskets, sandwiches, seafood, homemade pies, country styled breakfasts, homemade dressings and sauces. Make sure to stop in and say hello!

“I grew up in Kalkaska, so having business in my home town means a lot to me. That and also being a small town allows us to have interaction with customers we know and appreciate. We also enjoy “giving back” to our community when we can, it is very rewarding to have the opportunity to do that in the town we grew up in.

Some people may not know that we also own Trout Town Tavern in Kalkaska and are also partners at Alpine Tavern in Gaylord. 

We recently hired Chef Angela Boyd who has been doing a fantastic job, look for new and exciting weekly specials. You can get our weekly specials and any Moose & Stella’s updates from our Facebook page or website- http://www.mooseandstellascafe.com.  We will have new outdoor seating starting in late April this year.” _ Dan Bloomquist, Owner

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